Wear the stars’ jewelry

Girls love to emulate others. From a young age, little girls watch their moms put on their make-up and try on their heels. As girls get older, they switch from imitating their moms, to following the stars. Living in a celebrity-obsessed culture, American women look to the more famous people to find out about fashion trends and new clothing designers. It applies to both clothing and shoes, as well as jewelry.

Now the women of Towson can emulate the stars after one quick shopping trip. Last week, I told you about With Gratitude, the crafts and home goods on York Road. One of their items is the jewelry of Jarretsville’s mom Lauren Hoehn. Not only does she have local ties, but she also has started making jewelry for the stars. Chosen to give jewelry for the Golden Globes gift bags, Hoehn’s creations are now being worn by the likes of Camille Grammer and Alicia Witt.

According to the owner of With Gratitude, Pamela Somerville, Hoehn is also in the process of filling an order of her product for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise.

Women in Towson now need to look no further than down the street to be able to mimic the looks of the stars. It has never been easier.


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