Bringing New Life to an Old Piece

I know I do it. You probably do it to. It happens to many shoppers. You pass over the older piece of fashion because you think it has no real spot in your closet. You’ll never wear it, and it will just collect more dust, getting older and older.

This happens because people don’t realize the real potential in those older pieces. And everyone forgets that, with just a little bit of wit and patience, the piece can look completely different. Hems are easily lowered, seams let out, and sleeves cut off. In a matter of minutes, a dress that reminded you of your grandma now looks brand-new and part of modern fashion.

One of the easiest ways to redo clothes is to dye them. Buying white pieces then use dying kits to change the color is the simplest way to incorporate new items that match your wardrobe.

Never be afraid to cut apart your clothes. You are most likely doing it to clothes you don’t want anymore or that you got for cheap, so it’s no loss to you if the first time does not go as planned. It will get easier as you get more experienced. Also, the fact that you could say you make your own clothes will make you look crafty and unique.

The important things to remember is that never overlook that drab dress hanging in the corner of the consignment shop. Another person’s trash can be your new beauty.


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