Remarks on budgeting

Being a starving college student, saving money is always a priority for me. I don’t get to have a job because I play field hockey at school, and my parents aren’t the kind that just throw money at their kids, so every dollar counts for me because it could be my last for a while. All the money I get must come from somewhere; it must be earned and deserved.

Because of this, I am always weighing my options: do I really need that or will I actually use that? These questions fill my head every time I shop.

Shopping for clothes can be challenging when on a budget, but it gets easier with time. Eventually I have learned to like saving money because actually having some when I need it is a fantastic feeling. The joy of impulse buying fades but the satisfaction of getting something you really need lasts much longer.

Also, in today’s world, don’t be afraid to look on the Internet for helpful tips and tricks to make your own stuff. Whether its how to hem a skirt for spring or how to make new home decorations. I find myself saying “I can do that” or “that would look so cute in my apartment.”

Never be afraid to try something new or make something. It will keep you wallet intact and will make you home, wardrobe, and life more original and unique.


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