Children’s Consignment

Growing up, two of my good friends both received sisters in the same year. At the time we were all in seventh grade, so I was able to watch both grow up. One of the most obvious things that I noticed about these little girls is that they constantly had new clothes. It wasn’t that they wanted them or asked for them, but little girls are always growing and need new clothes to grow with them.

Children grow faster than older people and need new clothes, aka a whole new wardrobe, every couple months. This can be a very expensive issue for many parents. How can they constantly be buying new clothes? Granted children’s clothes are cheaper than an adult’s, but multiple pieces can add up quickly.

But don’t worry. Consignment shops are not just for the older crowd. There are specific stores that sell just kids clothing and toys. They are there for the parents looking for inexpensive clothing while still finding the quality they want.

Children's consignment shopping

Parents living in Towson are closer than they think to a store like this. On York Road, sharing a space with With Gratitude, sits The Lily Pad. The small shop is filled with racks of both girls and boys clothes. All the clothing is consignment and is in excellent condition. This particular store sells more high-end children’s clothing but the prices are still very fair.

The Lily Pad of Towson

The store also offers toys, books, and other items for small children. All these pieces are new from national companies but are still very unique and reasonably priced. All the pieces in the store change seasonly and the inventory is evolving and changing.

This store is there for the growing kids in the Towson area. Parents can find cheaper clothing right down the street and keep up with their growing kids’ needs.